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Title: in the house we see a light (that comes from what we feel inside)
Author: irishmizzy
Pairing: ensemble, gen
Rating: G
Length: 4690 words
Summary: "It's an old family tradition," Claire explains to the camera.

[in the house we see a light]
Yay for this community!

Title: promising light
Author: dollsome
Pairings/Characters: Phil/Claire; Cameron/Mitchell; Ensemble
Word Count: 1,919
Rating: G
Summary: A follow-up to “Truth Be Told.” Of lackluster Hugh Grant movies, scary psycho devil women, siblingly vengeance, prospective turtle names, and good mornings (at long last).

Title: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Author: dollsome
Pairing: Phil/Claire
Word Count: 1,300
Rating: PG
Spoilers: set during "Fears"
Summary: “Oh my God, you and Dad together suddenly makes so much sense.” Phil, Claire, and dancing: a history.